November 11, 2007

Because ESBN Just Isn't As Fun When Liverpool Do Nothing But Win.

KUALA LUMPUR: Several braincells were busted as bias Hantu Bola contributer eyeris tried to think of something funny to write about Liverpool's win last night, where Rafa Benitez set a record for the least number of rotations EVER as he made ZERO (yes, count that, ZERO) changes to the team that won 8-0 over Besiktargetpractise on WEdnesday.

That unchanged team was obviously not used to playing together two matches in a row, and duly went on to draw 0-0 until the 80th minute, when Benitez finally gave in to his compulsive obsession to change things around.

One of those changes, Fernando "soon-to-be-winning-two-of-his-fans-a-bottle-of-jameson-each" Torres scored one goal, while another, Ryan "Not Markus" Babel passed a ball to Peter crouch who obligingly tripped over it and got a penalty in the process. Stevie G-String decided to put an end to his Jonny Wilkinson impersonations and converted the penalty.

In other news, James Milner scored a lucky goal as newcastle drew 1-...... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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