November 16, 2007

Jamie Yeo is NOT a bimbo

(Hey, that rhymes too)

Random quotes from today's Star Football pullout.

Call Jamie Yeo a bimbo all you want - she could not care less. In fact, she won't blame you.

" It's just the way I am - carefree and giggly, plus I'm the stereotype of a bimbo, with long hair and big eyes, who dresses sexily," says the not-bimbo while as she tosses her long, blonde-streaked hair.

She has never been single at any point of her life since she was 17.
"I guess I crave male attention because I don't feel like I got enough of it as a child"

Midway through the interview, Yeo fidgets with her low-cut halter top that plunges into the valley of her between a "B and C-cup chest. (Ed: C cup my ample arse. B at the most)

She takes mild umbrage when you ask if she will depend on her looks to make money until she's 40. Her playful, albeit weak reply comes swiftly: "Er, not my looks, my talent! How dare you! Err..I don't know."

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