November 04, 2007

Lanchao pulak

Every bloody year we said next year is going to be our year

Every bloody year.

GOD said faith can move mountains. Easy for him to say innit? He only plays football to kill time these days.

That mad man changes his players more often than a nympho changes the battery on her BOB.

Go rotate your WAG lah fooker. Why rotate your toy boys?

It's wrecking havoc with my Fantasy Football. Fooker.

And wots with the fetish with anak ikan with long flowing blonde locks lah? Go find an ugly feck who can find the back of the net lah.

Speaking of which, now that Men.United has a new policy to play only fugly strikers, perhaps we can offload Crotchless once and for all.

Even that Sawadecrap Squad is above us.


I go support Newcastle then only you know.

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