February 13, 2007

Shebby Wants You!

You there.

Yes, you.

Can you teach people to kick a football without falling over?
Can you teach people to run into places where defenders don't see the sun?
Can you confuse John Dykes with gibberish football tactics?
Can you out-pundek even Steve McMahon?
Can you take a team of amateur footballers and teach them to lose on National TV?

If you can, Shebby wants you.

Malacca Telekom to name coach Thursday
Malacca Telekom will name the caoch to replace Irfan Bakti on Thursday. The advisor of the TM group's sports marketing unit, Shebby Singh, said that they had short-listed the candidates for the job and would decide on the appointment with the management soon.

Because apparently Shebby can't do it on his own:

YES! Apply now for the job! Together-gether we can make Malacca HotSpurs lose on national TV!

Shebby Boleh!

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