February 06, 2007

American Pool

It's official!


Those Hockey Puckey Yankees decided to waste a shitload of money on a crap club.
At least the Glazers knew they were buying quality, know what I'm sayin' y'all?

I can already see the future. These suckers will be playing a new sport.

Liversuckers' new greens were not quite what they expected

So were their training balls.


All that is left now is for Gillete Mach 3 Turboman and NotTaylorHicks pick up the phone and dial Peter Kenyon's number to arrange a 3-way orgy business proposition.


Tell me, all you sick bunch of Liversuckers who laughed at the Great Manchester United when that Glazer guy decided to do a HOSTILE TAKEOVER of our club, and laughed at us, calling us an 'American Club', how does it feeeeeeeeel?

At least we didn't whore our backsides like what your Liverpool BOD did.

Well, now you know how it feels. Except that it should be 10 times more painful.

More to come.

p.s. I'm still racking my brains to come up with a new nickname for the NEW Kelab Orang Kaya Baru. The DIC's Al-Liverpool was so easy to come up with compared to this. Any suggestions? ;-)

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