February 01, 2007

Bomoh Bergooner

We really shouldn't laugh when a player is injured... But not when it's A.Hole involved...

Oklah, looking at this pic, I actually do feel sorry for the guy (really I do!). But it just got me thinking...

Arsene Wenger and his scouting staff are very much lauded (and rightly so) for their keen eye on talent. But if you look at the following list of players, you would think that our scouting staff has also discovered a top notch Bomoh from our shores or something...

1. Nicolas Anelka - Went from nobody to cup final hero in one year. Became too big for his boots and decided to bugger off to Real Madrid (and the club pocketed a cool £23 million profit). Couldn't hack it at Real nor PSG nor Fernebache nor Liverpool and now finds himself playing next to El Saliva Diouff (that team is overdue a spanking by the way).

The Bomoh strikes!

2. Marc Overmars - We were the only club to show faith in his dodgy knee. Decided to leave with Emmanuel Petit for £25 million to Barca. Spent more time on the treatment table. Retired prematurely two years ago due to the dodgy knee.

The Bomoh strikes again!

3. Manu Petit - Never fitted in at Barca. Found his way back to England with ponytail between his legs at pre-Roman Chelsea. Lost in cup final to Arsenal led by boy best friend, Patrick Vieira. Last seen working with Vivid Videos.... Ok that last bit didn't happen...

The Bomoh strikes again!

4. Edu - Couldn't break the Vieira-Gilberto midfield dominance, but was a solid performer nonetheless. Left for Valencia but ruptured his knee ligament in pre-season. Has he even played for Valencia yet?

The Bomoh strikes again!

5. Rober Pires - Fed up with Arsene's "one-year-renewal-for-old-farts" policy. Packed his bags for Villareal, but ruptured his knee ligament in pre-season. Has he even played for Villareal yet?

The Bomoh strikes again!

6. Cuntley Cole - PADAN MUKO!!! HUHUHUHAHAHAHAH!!!!!


(hmm maybe I'm not that sorry after all...)

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