February 11, 2007


As sports fans, you have a responsibility to be passionate about your team. You have an obligation to the heroes you cheer everyweek and the villians you jeer everyday. The key word here is passion. And as I take it that most of you here aren't kids - a good example would be when you have like, really hot, passionate steamy sex with some chick (or bloke, whatever floats your boat). There is no reasoning, there is no rationality.

I scream at a Scouser JUST BECAUSE he is one.

No reason.

When the legendary KakiBangku guy approached Eyeris some donkey years ago, it was to propose an awesome idea. Till today, that idea sticks real good. See folks, the reason HantuBola is different from all the other (crappy) football blogs out there is because you have the license to say FUCK YOU PUKIMAK all you like.

And the reason for that is because when you lose, you get angry at the world. Or when you win, you feel you need to gloat. Especially when you win unexpectedly. Against a club with a new sugar daddy. With an asshole formerly playing for you plays for them now. And had the cheek to score against you. And then their keeper does a circus act.

There isn't such a thing as, "Ah you are my friend so I won't gloat.." RUBBISH.





But since Eyeris is my friend, I figured I need to take this opportunity to say my peace - you know, just like all real friends do. Honestly, and frankly, because real friends need to tell their friends their honest opinion....

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