February 26, 2007

Carlinglingus Boxing Cup

I don't know about you, but the most memorable moment of the Carlinglingus Cup final was not the goals (I only saw one anyway, was too high over the Muse concert that I forgot there was a football game on), not of poor John Terry being stretchered off (DAMN, how are Chelsea gonna win the league now???) , and not even the free-for-all where Wayne Bridge buta-buta kena socked out cold by Adebayor (Brilliant boxing match, that).

No, it was the sight of the cool Arsene Wenger walking onto the pitch to talk to his players when the brawl broke out. Mourinho was running into it, grappling with the players, Arsene just sauntered on, with a stern, schoolteacher look on his face, looking like a damn cool gangster boss with his jacket over his suit and tie.

Now THAT'S class for you...

(All pictures from BBC Sport)

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