November 29, 2005

Yeah Baby!

I'm coming, I'm coming... I'm here.

TigerJoe reporting for duty, very the biased fan of Chelsea and general supporter of London clubs for minor competitions like the InterToto, Reserves' League and the Carling Cup. I've been supporting Chelsea FC since 1996, back when Ruud Gullit steered the club on to the path of sexiness. Of course, playing sexy football didn't mean we won every game back then, although Mourinho's idea of sexy football in present time has seen us heading the Premier League with a GD of +26 and only seven goals conceded after 14 matches. w00t baby!

We had one of the very first cosmopolitan dressing rooms in the league, with the arrival of LeBouef, Desailly, Di Matteo, et al. way back when Eyeris was still in school. On that note, it remains an unsolved mystery to this day as to what possessed Gianluca Vialli to sign Winston Bogarde after the former had taken over from Gullit. *shrug*

My hate-list? Just a short one to whet the appetite with:

Winston Bogarde; who sat on his backside and did nothing in the time that he was at Stamford Bridge. For £40k a week, he could have at least helped out the groundskeeper on match days, especially since it would be his only chance of running onto the pitch. A total embarassment to those who have always been loyal to the blue shirt, I'll bet Barcelona were glad to be rid of him too.

Shebby Singh; who waxes lyrical these days about how strong Chelsea are in every department. It wasn't so long ago that this Tottenham supporter was calling Chelsea boring; but of course a goal difference that's at least twice our nearest rivals makes that label kinda idiotic, doesn't it, Mr. Lousy Predictions? I know what you did last season, biatch!

David Beckham; whose only talent seems to be kicking a stationary ball, you know, and not much else, you know. He also wears whatever Victoria tells him to, you know, and frankly I have no idea why he's still wearing the captain's armband for England when Terry, Lampard or even "Slim Jim" Rooney can play a more inspirational role on the pitch.

Till next time, toodles.


eyeris said...

OI! you call THIS hardcore ar? where're the insults? where's the swearing?!?! I know lar Chelsea doing well now, no need to act all sophisticated!


sashi said...

Eh, don't knock Winston Bogarde, ok - the man's a genius in earning passive income! :P

Chris said...

what a coincidence. I started supporting Chelsea about the same time as you did when Ruud Gullit just took over from Glenn Hoddle. Zola, Petrescu, Di Matteo...those were the sexy football days...

ghoul said...

same here!! 1996 start of Gullit's reign!! ZOLA! ZOLA ZOLA ZOLA ZOLA ZOLA ZOLA ZOLA ZOLA!!!!

and poor Casigraghi :( and damn the bloody Bogarde!! Go Flo-nado!!!! Sometimes, i even miss Wise and Le Saux :( ... at least we know where Terry got his leadership from! Wise Wise Wise!!