November 28, 2005

Manyoo and me

Ok eyeris, bugger off. It's Vincent the Manyoo fan's turn to make some noise now. After all, we are the ones who seem to have the most problems these days. Keano leaving, Vodafone pulling out their shirt sponsorship, and of course...George Best expiring.

(oh, Rooney also proposed to his a BP garage, that dumb twat)

But anyways, I supported Manyoo when my primary school friend went to Manchester and bought me an Eric Cantona postcard. Chest out, collars upturned. The epitome of all greatness. But back then, I never bothered too much with English football. I was a hardcore Selangor fan in the Azman Adnan era. Back then, I could name their entire squad of players (no mean many people can do that these days?)

Thank God (and my parents) for Astro. The first ever Manyoo game I watched was in the Arsenal double winning season of 97/98. We played Liverpool and drew 1-1. Twas a shite game other than the fact that the stupid prick called Micheal Owen kicked Ronny Johnsen and got sent off. The draw practically meant that we were kinda screwed up for the title anyway...

The following season of 98/99 was the first season that I followed every game. I only missed 5 games the whole season, and we happened to lose at 5 games. One in the Charity Shield, one in the league cup, and 3 in the league. I made it a point to watch every single Manyoo game and we all know what happened there don't we?

Anyways...just so that you guys know, my hate list is not very long, so here is a list of the fuckers I hate :

Ronaldo - The fake one, not the fatty. Yes, I hate him because he plays for us. He's a lazy selfish bastard who needs to learn teamwork. He should also know that he can't shoot and should stop trying.

Frank Lampard - This fucker is not human. Playing so many games and not getting tired is freakishly alien. That deserves respect, but he loses all his respect just because of his insane luck of never ever getting injured. And all those fucking deflections!!?!!?!

Djimi Traore - This fucker has a European Champions League medal. Can you fucking believe that? I deserve a medal more than that twat.

Andriy Shevchenko - European Player of the Year my ass. 2 yards in front of the goal and he blasts it straight into Dudeks hands. Dumb fuck caused me to get a lot of stick from those darn Pool fans.

Micheal Owen - Doesn't everybody understand that THAT Argentina goal was because of the stupid keeper who came wayyyy off his line even though there were two defenders covering. This cunt can't shoot and can't head. He can't tackle and his left foot is only used for standing. He doesn't drible for fucks sake...he kicks the ball and runs after it! That's not called dribbling! And in spite of all that shit that fucker scores a lot of goals. I think its gotta be fluke.

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anthraxxxx said...

You got my vote. And yes, I hate Ronaldo. I felt Park is a far more dangerous player than the fucker.