November 29, 2005

JAMIE CARRAGHER deserves better! Hakim KAYU!!!

Like the club he supports, Tigerjoe seems to be far ahead of the rest of the bloggers here in terms of posts here.

However, THAT, my friend, is about to change. because the RED ARMY is decending upon Hantu Bola, and BY GEORGE, we're gonna WHUP your ass!

Wish we could say the same about out football team though. Darn.

Anyway, I wanna say something about the European Footballer award thingy...





We're talking about the defender who was Liverpool's MOST CONSISTENT DEFENDER, and probably on of the EPL's as well. THIS is the player who SINGLE-HANDEDLY repelled CHELSEA, JUVENTUS AND AC MILAN's attackers, and in the Champion's League Final, GOT A CRAMP in his LEGS after going in for a tackle, hobbled off, got treatment, hobbled on again, AND IMMEDIETELY went in for ANOTHER TACKLE on Shevchenko.

You're telling ME that a player as undeniably consistent AND determined AND UNPASSABLE as Jamie Carragher, a player that was undeniably THE most solid defender in last season's Champion's league, is on par with that FUCKING DIVING CRYBABY Cristiano Ronaldo?!?!?!




Oh, and Gerrard didn't play well for just ONE game, thank you very much. He practically singelhandedly guided Liverpool to the Champion's League trophy (with a little luck and a certain defender called JAMIE CARRAGHER. He may not have done so well in the league, but GODDAMN don't Chelsea wish they had him????


Unknown said...

I only have two things to say:

1) Drogba rates higher than Zidane in the 2005 Ballon D'Or. Dun jeles k.

2) Letting Gerrard stay at Liverpool means Chelsea can count on his forehead to gift us an OG. Why be bothered with Carragher?

p.s. 1-4 @ Anfield, next match-up will be @ The Bridge. Welcome to West London, boys. mwahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jamie Carragher cares about idolisation or recognition. But then again, there is only one Jamie Carragher. It doesn't matter that he's underrated, as long as the Liverpool fans appreciate all that he's done for us. He will forever be our unsung hero...and no accolade in the world can ever be good enough for him anyway.

He doesn't need these stupid journalists to tell him he's a great player, he just has to let his feet do the talking. For me - and for every Liverpool fan - he already has. So why worry about something as trivial as that?

**Would actually like to join but I think it'd make it become a Liverpool fan site**

Phoebus Athenos said...

oi what 'Hakim Kayu?' very geeky if u shout that in the stadium!


bleargh :P

Anonymous said...

Ref memang kayu. Kayu plywood yang tak leh pakai. Ceh!!!

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