July 02, 2009

Why Shir Sean Shays 'No'

Once upon a time; in a faraway land where the sun hardly shines; a long, long time ago; back when Men.United fans weren't even born yet; and when men were still men; pink flowers only adorned the ears of a comely woman and pink t-shirts and trousers were only worn by girls who watch Grease;  something happened.

The year was 1952. Datuk Mohamad Busby saw Sean Connery playing football for the theatre troupe he was working for and offered him a place in the Men.United squad for a whopping £25 a week immediately after the game.

After giving the matter a serious thought for about 3 seconds, Sean gave his answer. 'I"m shorry Tok Mat. Tis a very generoush offer. But I cannae, cannae, simply cannae play for a poofter club. I dinnae wannae be one of your Babes. I wannae be Bond. Jamesh Bond." 

Who could blame him? Jaguh Kampung vs James Bond / Indiana Jones father? No contest really.

"Beshides, Sheltic is the besh football club ever. All football greats eventually play there."

There. A lesson in Men.United history from a die-hard Liverpool fan. 

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