July 29, 2009

Stalking in Singkapor

Steve Mekmun is good for something after all. I think PP Land organised a really good programme for the fans. Which compensates for the inconvenience and expense of having to travel to dreadful Singkapor.

Missed the Meet the Fans session. Think that was held on their first day in Sg with Mascherano and someone or other.( I’m a bit saddened that only Carra is left from the 2001 team that I went to see in Singapor )

But there were plenty of opportunities to stalk if you were ‘gigih’ like me and my friends.

You could hang around the hotel where they’re staying, especially in front of the lift. Click. Click. Click.

Or the lobby. Click. Click. Click.

You could find out their training schedule and wait by the bus. Click. Click. Click.

You could go to the LFC River Cruise and gawk and ogle all the players. Click.Click.Click.

Yes, there were plenty of opportunities if you were TALL, which sadly I’m not.

Although you have to be very lucky to be able to take pictures with the team. Thanks to the gazillions of bouncers aka guys wearing Profitable Protection tees (LOL). They were bigger than Din, Vincent, Naz, Mr Singh (not Shabby), Tigerjoe and Sicko : combined.

Here's another picture of the Hunky Manly Profitable Protectors
for the viewing pleasure of Men.United fans.

Funny moment:
We were hanging around the fourth floor hoping to catch the guys go for something or other when suddenly all the bouncers, I mean, Profitable Protectors, rushed down the lift. Of course, all the stalkers also went down the lift. Except me and my friend. We were having full English Tea (recommended by the way) and had to pay first before we can follow suit.

Just as we were approaching the lift, one of the bouncers, I mean, Profitable Protectors, stopped us. Hallelujah. I immediately reached for my camera. The door of the lift opens. Nary a player was in there. Only a folded wheelchair. Wtf?

Not so funny moment:
We were so excited to go to the match, we didn’t even think about how to go back after the game. There was a massive jam. No taxi in sight. So we walked and walked and walked for 45 freaking minutes. Farking Singakapor.

Good thing Vincent is not Singkaporean.
Honestly babe, it was worse over there. The MC was going ‘This is Anfield’ the whole time. Never mind the stadium is the standard of our Stadium Merdeka. Don’t know if you lot caught this on telly but they had some Clare Something sang Barbara Streisand’s version of YNWA to open the match! And this was not followed by the Singkapor National Anthem.

The immigration guy told us, ‘make sure LFC trash Singkapor’. The two concierges who remember me from the time I stayed there when I went over to meet Robbie (oh, how I love saying that. I think I’ll say it again, ....when I went over to meet Robbie), told me they were betting that LFC would trash Singkapor 6-0.

A word of advice to female fans
Do not expect a TALL male friend to bother taking pictures of Torres when he took off his jersey. Apparently, this sort of thing just do not occur to them.

The game
First half was freaking boring, we aimed our binoculars at the bench instead. Rafa is fat. Kuyt and Riera didn’t stop talking for the whole 45 minutes: yak, yak, yak. Alonso was yawning non-stop. Benayoun is a skinny git.

Conversation with Carra
(Caught him for all of 3 minutes before one of the bouncers, I mean, Profitable Protectors, shielded him)

Lily G: JAMIE!!!! Are you enjoying the Asian Tour?
Carra: isnithicn tiahoibien bphiesotmsonbn nbieston.

Sekian lapuran saya.

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