July 05, 2009


It's kinda difficult to be serious these days, when everything is plain MENTAL.

80 million pounds for a boy. In a one-off payment. No progressive payments, no installment, no misc bonuses. Just 80 million in cold, hard cash.

Then you have Spain, losing and fuck, getting outplayed by America. Fucking U-S-A. Iniesta and Xavi getting fucked in midfield. To who, again!?!

Ananda wanting to buy Newcastle?!

Owen to Manyoo............what the fuck is going on in the world???

The last mental transfer we ever had before this was Tevez and Mascherano to fucking WEST HAM, but that was about it!!

But okay, to be serious....

Owen on a free transfer, why not? And on only 50K a week? Sure! 50K a week is nothing these days...even John O Shea is on 50K a week. We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

And I said it then, I say it again...80 million for Ronaldo is good business. Who cares if he is worth 30 goals a season? Who cares if in hindsight we find out that we can't sign anybody. NOBODY is worth 80 million. Up front. In cash. In a one-off payment.

To be honest, I never fancied Owen. Partly because he played for Liverpool. Partly because the first time I saw him play, he got sent off against Manyoo. And partly because Shebby proudly declared on Astro Supersport all those years ago that, "Owen doesn't dribble the ball. He kicks the ball and runs after it."

You know that goal against Argentina in the World Cup? The one when Beckham got screwed over? I never found anything that special about it. It was good. But great?! Never. If you watch it again, you would find that the defence was just rubbish. He runs past the central midfielder, and then soon finds himself face to face with the centreback, who instead of holding his ground, sells himself and lets Owen cut past. And then when it should be a difficult shot from a tight angle, the stupid keeper comes off his line to close him down when there are 2 defenders tracking back.

So, Owen. Good player. Not great, but acceptable.

Before you people go on gloating or complaining...just a quick history lesson.

In the summer of 1995, Fergie sold Mark Hughes, Paul Ince and Andrei Kanchelski. He replaced them with Scholes, Beckham, Butt and Gary Neville. A famous scouser called Alan Hansen would then go on to say one of the most infamous words in football history - "You'll never win anything with kids"

Can you still hear Martin Tyler scream "MACHEDDAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"??

Two years later, Eric Cantona retired. Fergie replaced him with an old washed up Englishman called Teddy Sheringham.

Remember how that turned out?

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