May 16, 2009

lazy journalism

It's not quite a good week for football journalists.

Referring to the article in The Star's football pullout on Friday:



Put the champagne on ice, get the pyrotechnics ready ... and polish that trophy. Man United welcome Arsenal to Old Trafford in what could be the season decider.

IT’S been a long and trying season, and while it might yet be over, Manchester United could put an end to all the conjecture about whether they can retain their Premier League title and win a third straight championship crown tomorrow.

......bla bla bla....long windy nonsense....bla bla bla....

Man United’s defeat to Arsenal in the reverse fixture of the campaign will also not be lost on Ferguson’s side. And they might just view tomorrow’s clash as being the ideal clash to exact a good measure of revenge for that loss and wrap-up the title chase.

But Arsenal, who despite being rank underdogs going into the game, could spring an unlikely surprise. They do have the FA Cup final to look forward – a Wembley date with Everton has been pencilled in – and to suffer more humiliation at Old Trafford is the thing that Wenger would not like to see happen to his squad.

HEY WHAT THE FUCK!? Arsenal are in the FA Cup Final?! Holy crap, when this this happen? How were we not informed?!

Seriously, who the hell is this Shaun Orange bloke and why is he allowed to write football articles? And what is The Star doing buying articles from random sources? And what the hell is the editor doing? Aren't there supposed to be people checking these stuff for accuracy? Look, we don't care about speling mistakes. But we do care when you can publish an article with such a blatantly wrong fact!

Do those blokes at The Star football pullout think they are running a blog?

Finally, HBBN would like to stress that our articles are exceptionally accurate and contain no speculative articles, except maybe Steven Gerrard's fetish for wearing his team mate's leopard print underwears and Reading players into furry fandom.

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