May 28, 2009

Oh, crap.

1) When you lose like that, there can be no complaints. You think, "Oh crap, but oh well..." Barcelona were awesome and deserved to win. Manyoo's defence were supposed to be better, but didn't do their job on the night. Gerrard Pique - holy awesome crap, Batman!

2) People talk a lot about Ronaldo going missing for big games, but this was the first time you could see the desire in him. The point where he slid in for a tackle was just oozing determination, more than you could say for Carrick or Anderson, or even Giggs.

3) Tevez will definitely be off now. In 30 mins, he probably touched the ball 5 times. This was not the same energetic and determined Tevez we knew from before. His sulking had clearly affected him. Bye bye, and thanks for all the fish.

4) Dimitar Berbatov? The less said about that cunt, the better.

5) The last time Manyoo lost a Champions League game, it was to technically superior AC Milan team, whom after which gave Kaka all the credit. But it was in the engine room where Gennaro Gattuso ran the show quietly and efficiently. In the aftermath of this game, Lionel Messi will undeservedly get all the plaudits for his 'victory' against Christiano Ronaldo. Less we forget, Messi really did nothing the whole game (except score a good goal). He dribbled and ran and it call came to jack shite. So forget Messi and forget Ronaldo. The most influential player in the world is by far Andreas Iniesta.

6) Imagine your name is Pep Guardiola. In your first season as a club manager, you achieve everything there is to achieve in the club game. What the fuck do you do next year?! What's next? Galactic domination?

7) At least we do now know that Ferguson would not be off anytime soon.

8) It's good that I am on leave and don't have to go to work in the morning. It's freaking 5.10 am and I haven't slept a single hour.

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