August 04, 2008

malaysian football, part 151385

Okaylah I know my news is outdated since the Malaysia - Chelsea game was a good one week ago, but some thoughts on the game. Note that since I work in a Hicktown, I did not get to watch the game, but these opinions are based on the millions of blogs that posted pictures, plus the hundreds of match reports and newspaper articles covering the game:

1) Any Malaysian who goes to a game where Malaysia is playing and wears the shirt of the opposition team needs to be shot, hung and castrated. When Manyoo came to town, I wore a yellow shirt. Most reports stated that the stadium was filled with a sea of blue jerseys and most photos I have seen have had a sizeable number of blue shirts in them. Since when were there so many Chelsea fans anyway?! In the 24 years I have existed on this planet, I have only met ONE Chelsea fan.

2) What's even worse than wearing the jersey of the opposition team is the actual cheering of the opposition team. There is nothing wrong with applauding a good goal or a fantastic team play but supporting the team your national squad is playing against is downright treason.

3) Okay this includes Manyoo and even Brazil when they came but I think it has gone to a ridiculous scale with Chelsea. Why do we worship these fuckers who come to our country and don't acknowledge the fans? If they came to sell shirts, then surely the PR needs to be improved. And it is pointless if they come just to play a meaningless game. Any team that wants to come to sell shirts should have some sort of 'technology transfer'. It can either be in the form of a coaching clinic for school kids, a joint training session with the national team players, or a sharing of coaching techniques for our local coaches and managers. What has Malaysian football gained from this circus? NOTHING.

4) I know blogs are supposed to be the 'new media' and shit, but it is fucking ridiculous when companies hire bloggers that know JACK SHITE about football, write rubbish, fucking up a simple football post and wasting a perfectly good opportunity to get an insight into the professional game by asking fucking stupid questions at an interview session.

I am sure Blackburn would be well happy to be acknowledged as the NEW Chelsea, but if you can fuck up such a simple thing like that, you have no business writing about football, much less covering a football event.

FUCK. It's not just that idiot. Why are all the journalists asking such moronic questions. Who doesn't already know Carlo Cuducini's goals for next season? Fucking dumb question, that's what it is. Off the top of my head, a few good questions: Carlo, please describe the Italian set-up for youth football. How were you 'discovered'? Which country do you think has a better youth set-up - Italy or England?

5) Back to the game, instead of saying our guys had a good game, people have been saying that Chelsea 'give chance' since it's ONLY 2-0. Sure give chance one. We suck, you know. We can't possible lose by ONLY two goals. So, if we play like shit, you say it is expected since we suck. If we get a 'good' result, it is because the other team 'gave chance.' FUCK YOU. Why on Earth would anybody want represent the national team? Why would any kid grow up with the dream of donning the national team jersey?

And you people wonder why Malaysian football is in the doldrums....

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