October 06, 2008

ESBN: The Incredible Hulk Smashes HotSoup

Mild Mannered Hull City morphed into the Incredible Hulk City to smash (and grab) a 1-0 at Totteringham Hotsoup, depriving Spurs fans their one and only derisive chant against their hated rivals Arsenal ("NEH NEH, WE'RE BOTTOM BUT YOU LOST TO HULL CITY NEH NEH").

Meanwhile, Middle Eastern footy club Rich Man City underlined their ambitions to break into the top four by beating Liverpool 2-0 in the first 45 minutes of the game.

Fortunately for Liverpool, they managed to get something out of the game after Nando Flaming Hot Peri-Peri scored two goals, and then Dirk Headless One-Goal-Out-Of-Five-Chances Kuyt finally scored one of his five chances, to send one particularly super-bias Hantu Bola delirious with joy.

Rumours that colour-confused Brazilian RobinWho was seen asking his agent why the option of the colour red had never been raised, were unfounded at press time.

In other news, apparently no one cares about Chelski or Men.United games here on ESBN, so nothing will be said about their games over the weekend. But let us all have a quick chuckle at how Sunderland did over the weekend, shall we? *yuk yuk*

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