October 09, 2008

ESBN Breaking News! Chelski in Financial Trouble?

SOMEWHERE IN NIGERIA: Hotshot super-bias ESBN reporter eyeris stumbled upon evidence that Russian footy club Chelski may not be as rich as people believe them to be these days.

Already relegated from richest club in the world to SECOND richest club in the world by Middle Eastern Thai restaurant RichMan City, and impressed by the riches of the Nigerian consortium trying to buy Newcastle Comedy Club, Chelski have also come up with their own version of the Nigerian Scam in a desperate bid to regain their crown as the richest club in the world.

No official from the above mentioned supporters club could be reached for contact, probably because there is no such place called StaNford Bridge Fulham Road. Efforts by grammar police to arrest the scam artists for bad punctuation and lack of paragraphs were also futile.

Meanwhile, rumors that formerly prolific Hantu Bola founder Tigerjoe was seen in front of a camera posing like an underwear model wearing nothing but his Chelsea jersey were unfounded at press time.

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