July 03, 2007

Shock of the Summer: Arsenal Spends Money!

It just HAD to happen, didn't it? With all the big names being linked to us, Arsene Wenger pulls another fast one on us.

No way he's leaving.



Yes, but with the whole board resigning (which is not too bad actually)

So with the mega sale sum of £16m received for our best player of all time, Arsene signs an unknown Croazillian who has apparently scored once against us and once against England. Two things which weren't very difficult to do last year.

Wenger's signings can be awfully spectacular... or spectacularly awful. But I'd rather we get someone who's unknown to be good or bad rather than one who is KNOWN to be average, ie, Darren Bent. Or somone proven to be good but turned crap, ie, Shevchenko.... And at least we were smart enough to take out a Skim Pinjaman Pemain with Craptista first.

But whatever happens, you can bet your arse that our HB contributors will have a field day with his nickname: "Dudu".

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