July 18, 2007

parking the bus

Not a proper post.
Stadium emptier than usual.
Looks like got more Iranians in Malaysia than Malaysians themselves.
But at least the Malaysians there like singing.

I am confused.
I can't decide if it is better to play 4-4-2 and get spanked 5-1,
But at least the whole game we create half chances and get into exciting positions.
Or whether it is better to park the bus in front of the goal,
Lose ONLY 2-0 against the highest ranked Asian team,
But then spend the whole game with the knowledge that we will never score a goal.
Except for that Shukor Adnan chance.
And good to frustrate them and see Ali Karimi nearly cry because he is useless.

Fucking stupid referee kayu.
Fucking AFC.
How come got Middle Eastern referee in a game involving a Middle Eastern team?

But btw, Iran are actually bloody rubbish.
Seriously RUBBISH.
Ali Karimi is an overrated crap player.
Akmal Rizal could have done a better job playing up front.

Okay rant over.
Now go watch Super League.
Merah Kuning Lambang Kebangaan.

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