July 10, 2007

malaysia vs china

Stuck in Hicksville.
Couldn't go to the stadium to see the game.
Why stadium so empty?
What you buggers doing sitting at home?
Why go so fucking many Chinamen there?

Not a proper post.
Not even a proper rant.
We got reamed in the ass.
1 deflection.
2 mistakes.
2 fucking stupid goals.
1 awesome goal, and we scored it.
So if you can count, we lost 5-1.

But we lost because we have a shitty defence.
Especially the right back.
He makes Djimi Traore look good.
But you can't blame the lack of spirit.
Because people who lack spirit don't run around like headless chickens.
Which is bad, running around like headless chickens, I mean.

But still, Hardi Jaafar is a fucking awesome crosser.
Runs like a headless chicken and doesn't do much else, but still awesome for set pieces.
Kinda like David Beckham.
Actually, I think better.
Which brings us to:

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Oh yeah, welcome back Indra Putra.
Next game start with Akmal Rizal and Indra Putra.
And Nanthakumar also.
And change the fucking rightback.
Hairuddin Omar is good in the air, but can't do jack against the Uzbeks giants.
Better play low balls.
We can play awesome one-twos.
Botakman can put good low balls in the box.

Go watch the game in Bukit Jalil yah.
Because that would be our best chance to actually get something.
After that Iran.
I scared they rape our ass again.

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