December 22, 2006

Ghostball's Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

How are you dude? I hope you are fined. I mean, traveling across continents on your Toyota Reindeer Cruiser to give out those gifts your factory made must really be taxing eh?

Ok, let's cut to the chase since I am no good at formalities. Numero Uno, I get to ask you for some gifts since, #2, I have been a good ghost all year and, C, I recently celebrated my
1st Birthday! Ain't that a compelling reason to give me what I want? Hmmm? :-)

For your convenience since you have better things to do like kissing moms eat cookies and drink milk, I made a simple list of what I want:-

  1. More posts by the contributors (once a day not enough!)
  2. More contributors (hopefully, representing the other clubs as well.)
  3. Better template (have a look here)
  4. More Futsal Kickabouts (maybe we can be part of Rakan Muda!)
  5. More Drinkalots (maybe we can get sponsors!)
  6. 200 crates of Green Fanta (with great popularity comes great stupidity)
  7. A date with Miss Karma (that sexy thang!)
  8. Charlie Webster to do an on-screen booty dance every time Sheffield United scores.
  9. More traffic! More references! Total Internet Domination! Mwahuahahahahah!
  10. Manchester United to win the league. :-)

Thanks. Have a good one dude!

Yours deadly,

Ghostball (a.k.a. Hantubola's mascot). :-)


To the rest of you who are going to enjoy the holidays while I am sadly working,...again..... I would like to wish you all.....


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