April 30, 2008

ESBN EXCLUSIVE! English FAcks to Revamp Cup Competitions!

INGERLUND: Men.United beat Barsucklona 1-0 last night at Old Trafford to advance into the final of what will henceforth be known as the English FA Cup final, as they prepare to meet either Liverpool of Chelski in the final in Moscow.

Seeing as the final of the ORIGINAL English FACup will be played between two teams no one really gives a damn about, there have been rumours that the English FAcks are planning to adopt the Champion's League as their domestic cup.

Objections that teams like Barcelona and AC Milan are not English were waved away as the English FAck pointed out that neither are Chelsea and Arsenal; anyway.

They will also change the name of the FA Cup to the League Cup, and then change the abolish the League Cup by changing it into the Yakult Cup or Nasi Kandar Pelita Cup (depending on how much the sponsors fork out).

In other news, a fat overweight and overhyped chipmunk tried to get laid with three dudes.

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