April 28, 2008

budak-budak ni...

Apparently there was a little bit more to yesterday's match at Stamford Bridge. From our second favouritest website (after HantuBola):

Manchester United's Patrice Evra has been accused of hitting a member of Chelsea's groundstaff during the fracas that broke out following their 2-1 defeat at Stamford Bridge.

The row broke out when United players, taking part in a warm-down session on the Stamford Bridge pitch, were requested to move. A ruckus then broke out after words were exchanged. While Chelsea have confirmed they will study TV footage and photographs of the incident, The News of the World reports that 'Chelsea are adamant that Evra threw the first punch, striking a member of their groundstaff in the face before being pulled back and then running off.'

According to the groundskeeping staff who was punched: "Pakcik mintak budak-budak tu ke tepi sikit, sebab kita kena periksa keadaan padang selepas setiap game. Kalau tangguh lama sangat, nanti gelap, camana nak buat kerja..."

When asked about what was said during the incident, the old man replied: "Entah-lah, pakcik pun tak tahu apa bahasa budak-budak tu cakap. Kalau bahasa england ni pakcik paham gitu-gitu aje, tapi bunyi-nya macam kasar sikit."

When asked if he had said anything to the ManYoo players, the old man told us: "Pakcik cakap kat budak-budak tu: dah kalah, kalah lah... Tahu-tahu kena sebijik."

In another incident, Rio Ferdinand got so thirsty during the match that he asked the bench for two bottles of mineral water. Apparently.

Future England captain, eh?

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