April 16, 2008

we win, yay

Due to high demand for a gloating post, a very bored and overworked Vincent succumbs to pressure from the Loserpool and Arsenal fans to actually gloat because they missed the feeling of having Manyoo fans gloat in their faces.

So, to please them, here are two comments:

1) Arsenal were playing volleyball the other day. No further elaboration required.

2) Liverpool are the Middlesborough of the Big Four. Like it or not, we have to agree that they are the 4th best club in England. Everton and Spurs fans can go piss themselves. And just like Middlesborough, they only perform well against the big teams. In Liverpool's case, in the Champions League, while pissing themselves in the league.

And because Vincent is bored and not really in the mood, I shall end with a half hearted attempt to gloat.


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