October 24, 2007

Sudahlah, Pak Leman

NOT about the Arsenal kids whitewashing Slavia Prague 7-0... (wanna take that one, Naz?)

Instead, about the player NOT on the field...

Pak Leman or sometimes known as Jens Lehmann.

After getting tired of taking potshots at Oliver Kantoi, (which by the way, if not for Juergen Klinsmann, Pak Leman would have never played for Germany), he is now threatening to leave Arsenal because he is "HUMILIATED" at being left out of games.

Sudahlah, Pak Leman. Besides being our least favourite Arsenal player, everyone is quite tired of your antics like:

- Every time some defender touches you or your perfectly set hair, you will fall down like kena two foot tackle.

- Telling everyone you are 'the best', 'better than Oliver Kantoi', 'will play in World Cup 2014'...

- Anyway you cost us two goals this season, esp against Blackburn.

You lost your place fair and square, Pak Leman. Kasi chan orang lain lah.

Like Almunia.

(yeah i know the bleached hair and mustache make him look like a pimp...)

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