March 03, 2007

Belief Comes First

People say that a trait of winning games which you don't deserve are the hallmark of champions.

Manchester United played a shite game. Liverpool played one of their best games.

But apparently, Manchester United's shite are better than Liverpool's best by a mile. Even when United are down by a very good man with just minutes to go. It was a looming defeat for my beloved Red Devils even when the Scousers didn't score yet. In fact, I remember being very pessimistic when I saw Silvestre come on much earlier. But that is another story altogether.

The story is how did the Red (and better) half of Manchester withstand enourmous ammounts of pressure minute after minute, half after half, shots after shots. The ratio of corners was 12 to 2. Shots on goal? A massive 15 to a single digit of 6. And what about those noisy scousers in the stadium eh?

The answer, my friends, is Belief.

Belief comes first.

The Red Devil smiles in great satisfaction.

Over to you Jose.

p.s. Good luck going up against Barca, Senor Benitez. Would you pull out Bellamy even sooner then? And how come he is the only Liversucker without that gay collar on his jersey? :)

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