March 14, 2007

Everything and Nothing. Something, at least.

You'd think a blog with ten contributers would have more regular updates. Watudu, so many of us are missing in action, stuck in deserts/jungles/ neighborly islands/cubicles, too lazy, too busy, or just too plain drunk to post.

Unless you're Din of course. He never gets drunk. But he got lots of love... for Men.United. In a good way, of course. I hope. I think. Oh well, whatever.

Anyway. What's been happening in the EPL lately anyway? Nothing to blog about also. A few managers whining, taking pokes at each other, rumoured to be leaving, almost getting sacked and more whining about not leaving. Players getting injured (Henry's stomach and groin tear sounds positively dreadful); players getting into trouble (Barton, Barto, tsk tsk), and players not signing contracts (Terry and Lampard, where would ya go?)

Oh, and wouldn't it be cool if the first ever FA Cup final at the SPANKING NEW WEMBLEY STADIUM was between.... Blackburn and Watford? AHAHA!

Speakign of FA Cup.... Damn stupid Spurs. Shebby was damn pissed off last night on Football Focus. HAHA!

I seriously think that John Terry got jampi by a bomoh hired by Men.Utd, thus transfering all the bad injury karma to the poor guy. Heck, the man has gotten more injuries in one month than the entire Men.United squad the ENTIRE SEASON!

And what the heck was Robbie Fowler thinking, going to the theatre of delusions to play in a bloody testamonial? Oh wait, it's Robbie Fowler. Did he show them his backside again?

Oh, and Champion's League draw. PSV, huh? The last time I was happy at getting 'the weakest team' in the draw, we went out to Benfica in the second round. Bah. Manure's draw looks fun though. Roma huh? Chelsea lagi syiok. Got Valencia. Go Valencia!

Speakign of that, who cares about the EPL? Spain got the most exciting league race in AGES! Sevilla and Barca on 50, Valencia on 47. REal Madrid can go die, play like crap all season still damn ego. Go Valencia!

Last but not least, I'll leave you with the best quotes I've heard this week:

Why wasn't John Arne Riise injured when Bellamy swung that golf club at him?

Because Bellamy was using an Everton Club.

A what club, you say?

A small club.

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