March 03, 2007


Oh god, the Men.United are going to be bloody insuffereable tomorrow.

Thats it lar, I'm NEVER wearing a Liverpool jersey on match day EVER AGAIN. One or two times losing I can take it. Losing ALL THE TIME everytime I wear this jearsey is too much to be coincidence.

You know what's worse than actually fucking losing to that sucker punch? The fact that its so bloody unbelievable that a Men.United can be THAT fucking lucky ALL SEASON LONG.

Bloody Crouch. Am I the ONLY ONE who thinks the beanpole is fucking useless? Everyone was bloody CHEERING for him, and I was the only one shaking my head when he came on. And what does he do? MISS A GOAL.

Bellamy would have BURIED that shot ok? Or at least been able to at least bend down low enough to HEAD the ball DIRECTLY without giving the keeper time to adjust to the shot.


Never mind. We'll beat Barca and then We're gonna winthe Champion's League. Again.

And next year, some teams luck is going to RUN OUT.

Fuck fuck fuck.

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