June 09, 2009

Lu gila kah?

1) No human being should be worth 56 million pounds. Not even God (the imaginary one, not the idiot with the nose bandage) should be worth that much.

2) Why won't people learn that Galacticos/Dream Teams do not just work because the attackers are the stars? They work because the defence is solid? For all the Zidanes, Figos and (fat) Ronaldos the old Galacticos' most important player was Claude Makalele. For all the Shevchenkos, Inzaghis, Crespos, the old Milan's most important player was Gennaro Gattuso. Madrid need an overhaul of their backline. Pepe is crap (and nothing short of looney - check out youtube for his moment of insanity which ended up with him getting a 10 match ban) and if he really is their best centre back Madrid have no chance at winning anything.

3) If one striker or midfielder can be worth 56 million pounds, why can't a manager be worth 10 million pounds? Surely they can afford to pay Mourinho/Rafa/Hiddink 20 million pounds? Whether a sane manager wants to work for them is a totally different story altogether. Just ask Vincente del Bosque who got sacked despite having just won the La Liga in addition to the Champions League the year before. And if that wasn't a slap in the face, he was then replaced by Carlos Quieroz who was an awesome number 2, but had ZERO experience as the top gun.

Mental is the only suitable word to describe Senor Perez.

4) But if all this crap goes through, Wesley Sneijder should be up for sale and that would be an awesome signing.

5) Meanwhile, stay tuned for the fireworks...

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