June 11, 2009



Ronaldo to Madrid for 80 million pounds.

Good player, great in fact.

But for 80 million quid, so long and thanks for all the fish.

Now let's see....

Ribery - 35 million
Sneidjer - 15 million
Huntelaar - 15 million
Bionic leg for Hargreaves - 15 million

Sounds like an awesome deal to me...


Footnote by TJ (tak biased...):

Cash from Ronaldo transfer: £ 80.0 million
1. Tevez permanent transfer: £ 20.0 million
2. Annual interest on debt: £ 68.8 million
Cash surplus / (deficit): (£ 8.8 million)

This is assuming that ManYoo get their best price on Tevez, and that the interest rate on debt is flat and there are no tricky debt covenants. Heh.

So how? Sohai...

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