September 17, 2008

ESBN: Ingerlish FA Allows Rugby In EPL Matches

NOWHERE NEAR THE ALL-BLACKS OR SPRINGBOKS: The Ingerlund Footy association have decide to lend their rugby colleagues a hand in their bid to regain the Rugby World Cup they last won in 2003 and lost to South Africa in 2007; by allowing them to train potential players in the EPL.

This landmark move was field tested successfully last weekend, when Johnny "Wilkinson" Terry rugby tackled Manchester City's YO! JO! to the ground in a successful attempt to stop YO! JO! from scoring a try.

An attempt by the referee to throw a red card into the works was dismissed yesterday, as the red card was torn up, thus allowing Johnny "Wilkinson" Terry the chance to continue his rugby training this weekend, when the OTHER team from Manchester comes a-calling.

Rumours that Nehnehmanja Vidic tried appealing to get rid of HIS red card and to get kickboxing allowed in EPL matches, was unfounded at press time. A tall goalkeeper and a ginger head midfielder were also seen loitering outside the FA's office holding volleyballs.

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