September 02, 2008

ESBN: Shopping Frenzy on last Day of Mega Sale

NOWHERE NEAR MANCHESTER: It was shopping madness on the last day of the Malaysian Mega Sale, as teams in the Barclays/AirAsia/Sony/McDonalds/Celcom/Nokia EPL rushed to the hypermarkets to buy new players for rival fans to jeer at.

Dimdim Byebyetov said bye bye to Spurs and went over to American volleyball team Men.United, who have also let their latest can of soup go the other way on loan. Liverpool got themselves another Spanish dude as well as a tub of margarine named Vitor Flora (Editor: credit to Tigerjoe for the margarine line); and at the same time offloading a tub of lard named Voronin, as well as Finnan, who suddenly had to start learning how to speak Spanish.

In other news, a lost Brazilian football player was found wandering the streets of London asking for directions to a 'club with blue shirts, no not Chelsea'. Unconfirmed eyewitness reports said that said player arrived in Heathrow Airport on Sunday, and had been asking for directions to 'Manchester United City', and cussing aloud in Spanish after being told that it was nowhere near London.

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