June 14, 2008

Felipao gonna tarpao you!!!

I'm sure those of you who have not been distracted by the circus in Austria / Switzerland, or the Shebby-lovers on FB, would have heard the most important piece of news this summer.

Big Phil Scolari will be the new Chelsea manager from next month.

How cool is that? Even his nickname is cool; like Big John Studd of 80s wrestling. But more potent.

I gonna getchew, ManYoo!

Already the transfer gossip is churning. As it normally does at this time of year. Welcome to the EPL Big Phil. If the dressing room will really have prayer sessions before games, then I have one particular prayer to suggest:

Our godfather who art in the directors' box,
Roman be thy name.
Thy empire comes, points will be won,
away, as they are at the Bridge.
Give the players their wages,
and forgive the goals conceded,
as we score a hell of a lot more than we let in.
And lead us not into relegation,
but deliver us from cracked trophies (and penalty shoot-outs).
For the league, the cup and all the trophies are belong to us,
now and forever.


Keep The Blue Flag Flying High!!!

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