June 26, 2007

What you get when a non-gooner writes a tribute about an (ex) gooner

Yes yes, Henry, you're off to Barca, you left Arsenal we know that alrady can you stop whining about how everything changed when Dein left and Wenger is not commited and must not leave and that the board does not support you and that Dein was hard done by and that Wenger would probably go and follow you out of the club that you so fervantly swore not to leave because you 'could never leave arsenal' but then no you've gone to Barcelona and saying that you always wanted to join Barca even though you know they fucking screwed you over in last years CL final and thats why you want to join them because you know that if you stayed with arsenal you'd probably get screwed by Barca or Liverpool or some other team and even Liverpool could kick Barca out of the CL and Arsenal couldn't and you're bitter so now you want to complain about Dein and DEin and Dein like you were bedmates with him or something and you're already in Barca for fucking 16 million pounds only and thats a steal ok Barca trying to form their own galactico club is it don't they already have Messi Ronaldinho Eto'o Gudjohnsen why they need another striker for and Arsenal are screwed because their strikers are useless Adebayor always-injured Van Pussy and Kid Walcott and no one else can score like Henry can so Jeevs here is your tribte to Henry I wrote this in five minutes Henry was the greatest but he chickened out and this is what you get when you ask a non-gooner to write a tribute to the greatest gooner player ever you get this piece of shit post that has no coherency and not even a fucking comma or noktah but who cares it's all about the Henry right so here you go the longest ever sentence in Hantu Bola history and thank you Henry for the cool goals but thank god you're gone now Arsenal will be an even bigger non-issue or as someone said since Henry put the issue in 'non-issue' that means Arsenal are a 'non' now hahaha oh here it is I found my noktah so I'll bugger off now ta.

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