June 13, 2007


Rejoice, All ye Sheffield United fans (wherever the hell you are)!!!!!!

Rejoice, for on this day, in this GLORIOUS AGE OF MEN, You have a MAN OF GONDOR, a bona fide member of the FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING leading your charge against the Evil hoardes of the Tevez-loving FA!

No longer shall those vile Hammers rejoice in the light of the Premiership!

No longer shall the Tevez Affair overshadow your glorious yet relegated club!

All hail BOROMIR!!!!

Actor Bean leads Sheffield United march on Parliament

Actor Sean Bean, the TV face of fictional Napoleonic soldier Richard Sharpe, will lead a delegation of Sheffield United fans in a Parliamentary protest over the Carlos Tevez affair on Wednesday.

Oh wait, didn't he DIE in LOTR? doesn't bode well for Shefield, does it? eheh...

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