June 29, 2007

Bye Garcia, Hi Torres

Oh FUCK. Rafa just blew his transfer kitty on one kid.

Ok granted, the kid is Fernando Torress, but still, fucking 27 million pounds PLUS our ONLY flair player Luis Garcia is NOT A GOOD DEAL OK????????

£27m Torres heading for Anfield as Benítez makes striking move

Liverpool and Atlético Madrid have agreed a deal to take Fernando Torres to Anfield. Liverpool will pay fractionally less than the €40m (£27m) buy-out clause Torres has at the Vicente Calderón, leaving the 23-year-old striker to finalise personal terms before the move goes ahead. Neither side anticipates major difficulties in closing the deal, with Liverpool understanding that any percentage of the transfer fee due to Torres must be paid by Atlético.

At that price, The Kid better fucking delvier. we don't have a very good record with Spanish strikers. remember Morientes?

Fuck fuck fuck.

Oh well, it IS A big buy. The first significant buy of the season. Let's just hope he didn't blow ALL his money on this kid...

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