November 04, 2009

LFC Recruitment Drive

Calling Eyeris (the real one, not the one not allowed to enter the country), Sicko, Shasi, Tenacious T, Spiller, Nine Inches, Anttyk, Crash, Dan, Syahid, Sunil, Shook, Jenal, Jolie, Bex and all LFC fans.

Ask not what Gerrard, Torres, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Aurelio, Ngog, El Zahar, Riera, Kelly, Aqualani can do for you.

Ask not since they cannot.

They can't do any bleeding thing at the moment. Half of them sakit telor kena pijak by that anak gajah Voronin. The other half is down with flu.

The club needs us to be supersubs tonight.

I chop jersey no 98.

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