March 06, 2008

I <3 Arsenal

Firstly, since I hardly blog much elsewhere anymore and every young Msian are like so caught up with the election campaigns and whatnot, what's up with the withdrawal of the indelible ink? I smell something......*sniffs*

Secondly, 2-0 to Arsenal lifted up my mood for the week or rather the month because I'm sick for the second time already. Work stress? Bacterial infection? Weather change? I'm bloody annoyed. Best line of the week came from Naz when he picked me up for work, "Ok...something to cheer you up. Arsenal won 2-0!!"

My favourite pic because it's so heartwarming.

Ok, last post for a very long time. I mean, since the boys aren't populating the site with more post...I figured a good girly rant would be great here. Any bachelors interested in a rough tough tough woman with really slitty eyes? I will pay you money if you can make her more human.

Yours Lovingly,

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