March 24, 2008

don't blame mashimaro

1) How many of you actually think he asked, "Excuse me, Mr Bennet, but I would like to know what happened?"

2) Did anybody notice how Rio Ferdinand was booked for a rubbish non-foul, and wanted to go to the referee and complain, but then a light bulb lit up and he walked away?

3) Liverpool were rubbish. 10 men regardless. Manyoo had 5 or 6 one-on-one situations. All of them because the ball was played behind Carragher and Skrtel.

4) Speaking of whom, Shebby called Skrtel 'The New Vidic'. HAHAHA! I couldn't expect him to talk sense all the time. He was on a good roll before this, though.

5) Stop blaming Reina, can? Yes, he fucked up two goals, but he also saved 6 one-on-one attempts.

6) Bennet is incompetant. If he had given Rooney a penalty and shown Carragher a red card in the 6th minute, we wouldn't be having this argument.

7) What's your excuse for letting Wes Brown score with the back of his neck?

8) We all know Ronaldo doesn't do well against big teams. Does this mean Liverpool are no longer a big team?

9) Where was Stevie Me the whole game?

10) Please stop taking all the fun away from my gloating by blaming the referee.


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