April 30, 2008

picture of the day

Monsieur Henry...why so serious?

Story of the day:

Old, washed up Mr Reliable scores a screamer for a big-game bottler team against a team of superstars which includes an overhyped Argie who has a lot of fancy tricks and flicks just like a super awesome Portugese who on their day can cause havoc, but otherwise perform magic shows that come to naught.

At least the game was entertaining.

Unlike the 'shit on a stick' on show tonight.

ESBN EXCLUSIVE! English FAcks to Revamp Cup Competitions!

INGERLUND: Men.United beat Barsucklona 1-0 last night at Old Trafford to advance into the final of what will henceforth be known as the English FA Cup final, as they prepare to meet either Liverpool of Chelski in the final in Moscow.

Seeing as the final of the ORIGINAL English FACup will be played between two teams no one really gives a damn about, there have been rumours that the English FAcks are planning to adopt the Champion's League as their domestic cup.

Objections that teams like Barcelona and AC Milan are not English were waved away as the English FAck pointed out that neither are Chelsea and Arsenal; anyway.

They will also change the name of the FA Cup to the League Cup, and then change the abolish the League Cup by changing it into the Yakult Cup or Nasi Kandar Pelita Cup (depending on how much the sponsors fork out).

In other news, a fat overweight and overhyped chipmunk tried to get laid with three dudes.

April 28, 2008

budak-budak ni...

Apparently there was a little bit more to yesterday's match at Stamford Bridge. From our second favouritest website (after HantuBola):

Manchester United's Patrice Evra has been accused of hitting a member of Chelsea's groundstaff during the fracas that broke out following their 2-1 defeat at Stamford Bridge.

The row broke out when United players, taking part in a warm-down session on the Stamford Bridge pitch, were requested to move. A ruckus then broke out after words were exchanged. While Chelsea have confirmed they will study TV footage and photographs of the incident, The News of the World reports that 'Chelsea are adamant that Evra threw the first punch, striking a member of their groundstaff in the face before being pulled back and then running off.'

According to the groundskeeping staff who was punched: "Pakcik mintak budak-budak tu ke tepi sikit, sebab kita kena periksa keadaan padang selepas setiap game. Kalau tangguh lama sangat, nanti gelap, camana nak buat kerja..."

When asked about what was said during the incident, the old man replied: "Entah-lah, pakcik pun tak tahu apa bahasa budak-budak tu cakap. Kalau bahasa england ni pakcik paham gitu-gitu aje, tapi bunyi-nya macam kasar sikit."

When asked if he had said anything to the ManYoo players, the old man told us: "Pakcik cakap kat budak-budak tu: dah kalah, kalah lah... Tahu-tahu kena sebijik."

In another incident, Rio Ferdinand got so thirsty during the match that he asked the bench for two bottles of mineral water. Apparently.

Future England captain, eh?

April 27, 2008


First he missed a penalty.

Then he was benched for looking like a village eejit.

Then his team lost to Chelsea.


April 26, 2008

time to be cool

We got the job done today. Sheva actually did something useful for a change. Lampard was on cuti ihsan, but still got a tribute from the other lads.

Now it's time to be cool. Cool like Fonzie. For two more weeks.

I tell you what though, if that photo of Ballack's first goal from today's match was used in a teka bola contest, there might not be any winners. LOL

April 23, 2008

karma chameleon

What a header!

About knee-high with maximum ooomph. Just about unstoppable. A brilliant goal. A superb own goal.

Karma gotchew last night Liverpool FC. For the 2005 semi-final.

Cibai X534453

Should have stayed in Bangkok for another day,
Then maybe we'd have won instead.

April 20, 2008

Best Weekend Ever!

This has got to be the best weekend we've had in ages...

Arsenal 2 - Lehding 0
Full of Ham 0 - Liverpool 2
Newcastle 2 - Scumderland 0



PS: Lily's tweety scored two some more!

April 16, 2008

Off with yer heads!

Couldn't you lot wait until the end of season to start your very public bickering?

In Rafa We Trust

Happy birthday Rafa.

we win, yay

Due to high demand for a gloating post, a very bored and overworked Vincent succumbs to pressure from the Loserpool and Arsenal fans to actually gloat because they missed the feeling of having Manyoo fans gloat in their faces.

So, to please them, here are two comments:

1) Arsenal were playing volleyball the other day. No further elaboration required.

2) Liverpool are the Middlesborough of the Big Four. Like it or not, we have to agree that they are the 4th best club in England. Everton and Spurs fans can go piss themselves. And just like Middlesborough, they only perform well against the big teams. In Liverpool's case, in the Champions League, while pissing themselves in the league.

And because Vincent is bored and not really in the mood, I shall end with a half hearted attempt to gloat.


April 09, 2008

1234, 4-2 To the Liverpool...

Let's sing it together (if you know the tune to Feist's 1234 song)!!!

1-2-3-4-, four two to the Liverpool,
5-6-7-8, Arsene Wenger don't berate,
The 1st referee, was Dirk Kuyt's mate,
The 2nd ref, gave Stevie a penalty!

WO HO HO! There're no more one-ones
WO HO HO! There's Chelski to come!

Come on altogether now, you all know the words!





April 07, 2008

Alfonso Alaves Conquers Malacca! er.... Men.United!

INGERLUND: Alfonso Alavesquerque finally conquered Malacca... sorry, his goal drought, and discovered that he plays better in snowshoes as Men.United lost to Midtableboro despite drawing 2-2 at full time.

The Men.United had gone ahead with Doi Doi Christina's goal at first, but Alfonso hit back with two great goals to sink the Malaccan fleet. Unfortunately, A'Famosa was bombed when Granny Lover Roo scored a deflected goal that would have made Fat Lampar proud. Midtableboro could have scored a few more but Alfonso's strike partner Jay AliAliYeah! showed why the Arse kicked him out of their team.

In FA Cup news, The Arsenal Retirement Home led by Sol "Not Naomi" Campbell and Nankong Kanuneh beat West Broom 1-0 thanks to a comedy goal that Titties Bramble would be proud of; while after beating Chelsea and Liverpool on their way to the semis, Barnsley finally met their match in the might of the All-Star Veteran Premiership Retirement Home of Wales, in a match that was only memorable for a great goal and the prospect of hot Hassel-on-Hasselbaink action that eventually failed to materialise.

This means that the FA Cup final will be contested by two teams that no one but the most avid Robbie Fowler fan would be interested in.

In other news, Round 2 of the Arse vs Kop three-game-series ended in YET another 1-1 draw. We'll see you at Anfield, bitches.

April 06, 2008

all your fault

Pukimak Roma go make Vidic injured.

Cheebai Boro go make Rio injured.

Pundek Brazillian only play well against the biggest team in the world. Summore score. TWICE!

Bodoh Mike Riley let Boro defender make the save of the season with his fucking hands also never give penalty.

Sohai Man Shitty yesterday no mood to play Chelshit. Purposely score own goal summore. Just want to screw over the best team in the world.

Fucking global warming. Why got snow in April one?!? How to play one-touch football?

Stupid Americans cause global warming.

Goddamn George Bush.

April 03, 2008

ESBN News Flash: Arse vs Kop, Round One

LONDON: Arsenal did what scores of other teams couldn't last night - gift Dirk Kuyt a goal from open play - and Liverpool got a nice little away goal as a result.

Another miracle happened when Arsene Wanker actually saw something that happened on the pitch, while Nicolas Bendtnar decided to play as a Liverpool defender for a bit by clearing Ceh Fab-Bagus' goal off the line.

Now, Liverpool go home from London to Liverpool to prepare to go back London again this weekend before going back to Liverpool to wait for Arsenal to come to Liverpool. Whew.