December 05, 2009

World War 2010

Group A
South Africa - powered by Charlize Theron's smile
Mexico - powered by burritos
Uruguay - powered coz they won the first one
France - powered by Thierry Henry's hand

Group B
Argentina - powered by Tevez's continual bitching
Nigeria - powered by flying super eagles
South Korea - powered by Park-Ji Sung's third lung
Greece - powered by The Gods

Group C
England - powered by David Beckham's latest haircut
USA - powered by the same people who brought you Liverpool Soccer Club
Algeria - powered by the Tropic of Cancer
Slovenia - powered by a lot of Alps

Group D
Germany - powered by Oktoberfest
Australia - powered by useless people like Mark Viduka
Serbia - powered by superb people like Nemanja Vidic
Ghana - powered by Bintang Hitam

Group E
Netherlands - powered by horse placentas
Denmark - powered by Eyeris Learns To Rock
Japan - powered by VVTI, NEO-VVL, i-VTEC, MIVEC, Wankel-rotary......
Cameroon - powered by crazy-flexibile-bodies during throw-ins

Group F
Italy - powered by headbutts
Paraguay - powered by a person named Santa
New Zealand - overpowered by their rugby mates
Slovakia - powered by lots of roads

Group G
Brazil - powered by samba
North Korea - powered by Kim Yong-il nuclear toys
Ivory Coast - powered by Drogba's multi talented acting career
Portugal - powered by Cristiano "80 Mil Best Buy" Ronaldo

Group H
Spain - powered by breastfeeding Torres
Switzerland - powered by Swiss Bank Accounts
Honduras - powered by their political crisis
Chile - not powered by their horses's placentas


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